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Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the added burden of settling their worldly affairs and distributing their assets.

That’s when having trusted legal counsel experienced in probate matters is invaluable.

Probate is the legal process required to transfer the assets of a someone who has passed on. The Jacobson Law Firm, P.C. walks with you through every step, whether your loved one passed on with or without a will.

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The Jacobson Law Firm, P.C. will guide you through all the legal requirements of probate to avoid delays and complications, helping you understand what needs to happen and ensure that you’re able to promptly, efficiently honor your loved one’s wishes.

Here Are Some of The Ways Dana and His Support Staff Can Help:

  • Advising the executor, trustee, beneficiary or heir to a loved one’s estate

  • Assisting when a loved one dies without a will or estate plan in place

  • Probating wills that were not done properly

  • Probating a copy of a lost will

  • Executing the will and transferring property to beneficiaries

Probate Frequently Asked Questions